Build your Dream House with our Home Design Services

Talk to us about home renovations in Vestavia, AL

Don’t worry about what your house looks like now. Think about what your home can become. Reid Construction LLC offers home design services to help reconfigure or redesign the look and functionality of your current living space.

We do all the drawing by hand to get you exactly what you want. A lot of houses in this area were built in the 1960s and 1970s and may require updating. Call 205-907-5796 today for an estimate on home design and remodeling work.

3 ways to reconfigure your space

Did you ever think, “I wish the bedroom was on the other side of the house” or “I wish there was a doorway to this bathroom in the hallway”? Every homeowner has layout changes they would make if they could. We’ll talk about different ways to reimagine your space, including:
  1. Opening up the floorplan
  2. Reconfiguring rooms
  3. Creating suites with attached bathrooms

Tell us about your home remodeling goals for an improved living area. Contact Reid Construction LLC to get started on improving your home in Vestavia, AL.